You Have Ice Dams, We Can Help

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We use industry leading Artic Steamers to safely remove ice dams from roofs without damaging the roof surface.  We are roofers in the ‘off-season’ so you can trust our expertise.  [Our photo from Island Park 2023]

How We Remove Ice Dams

Steam vs High Pressure Water

We use industry leading lower pressure, high temperature steaming machines to melt ice away from your roof.  These steamers are the fastest and safest way to remove ice dams from your roof.  Pressure Washers may look similar, but they can tear through asphalt shingles, strip paint off of metal, and damage shakes.  Hammers can pound through your roof, bend metal panels, and waste lots of time.


If you need our help, please TEXT US so we can respond when we're safely off a roof.  Please be sure to include your name, address, and at least one photo of your roof.

[Photo from Teton Valley 2020]

Why You Should Choose Ice Man East Idaho

The Right Experience

We are roofers by trade, so we know what we're up against.  Travis has been a part of hundreds of projects in the region since 2018, from small roof repairs in Idaho falls up to multi-million dollar jobs in Big Sky, MT; Jackson Hole, WY; and across the region.  This photo shows a roof he replaced in Island Park in 2022.

The Right Tools

We use the industry-leading Arctic Steamer high temperature steaming maching, not presure washers, so our work is better for your roof surface, safer for us, and faster than the alternative.

The Right Schedule

We'll respond the same day and can often get you scheduled within the week.  If we're in the area, we might be there same day.

PLEASE TEXT PHOTO of the ice dam and YOUR ADDRESS for fastest response.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Ice Dam Removal Cost?

We can't tell you an exact price because so many factors affect how long the process can take.  For example, the size of the ice dam, the amount of snow around it, how difficult it is to move around your site (we've had to use snow shoes before), and even the temperature can affect how long the process can take.  Instead, we have a standard hourly rate that we'll quote when we respond to your text or call.  Some locations may also incur a call-out fee (we're based in Idaho Falls).  A typical ice dam takes about 2 hours to steam away (3 in Island Park); and you can tell us to stop at any time.

What Causes Ice Dams in East Idaho?

If an ice dam has formed, its too late this year to talk prevention.  You need to have it removed before that ice causes water to back up your roof an into your home.  In the spring or summer, though, there are 4 factors to consider.

1. Missing or Ineffective Ventilation:  If your roof has proper intake vents at the eaves and outflow vents at the top, then the air temperature inside your attic has a chance to equalize to the outside temperature and ice dams are less likely to form.  Without proper ventilation, hot air can build up inside your attic and melt the bottom layer of snow on your roof.

2. Limited or Incomplete Insulation:  Proper amounts of insulation prevents heat from escaping your home into the attic so making sure you have adequate insulation is critical.  Warm attics can melt the underlying layer of snow on your roof, which melts down to the edge of your roof and refreezes to form an ice dam.  NOTE: When adding additional insulation to an existing home, be sure you aren't impeding airflow in from the soffits or eaves.

3. Ambient Air Temperatures:  This is a growing problem in our region, where daytime temperatures get warm enough to melt some of the snow on your roof, but it still gets cold enough as the sun drops to refreeze that snowmelt before it leaves your roof.  The only way to mitigate this risk is to have the snow removed from your roof, regularly.

4. Snow:  Without snow on your roof to melt and refreeze later, ice dams can't form and have no water to puddle up behind them.  Having a smart plan to remove snow from your roof (at least along the eave edges up to your exterior walls) is a great way to help mitigate some of the risk of ice dam formation.


Why Does Island Park Have Such Bad Ice Dams?

There are several issues at play in this region.  First, Island Park has some of the heaviest snow loads in the U.S. and also some of the colder temperatures in our region so lots of ammunition for ice dams to form.  Second, lots of the cabins in the area are old or underbuilt structures with little to no insulation so heat loss can be substantial.  Finally, those beautiful trees can block direct sunlight onto the roof, preventing snow and ice from melting for much longer than the rest of the region.

How Long Will the Removal Process Take?

Several factors affect how long the process can take.  For example, 

- the size of the ice dam (including how tall it is, how wide it is, and how far up the roof it goes), 

- the amount of snow around it, 

- how difficult it is to move around your site (we've had to use snow shoes before); and 

- even the temperature can affect how long the process can take.  


A typical ice dam takes about 2 hours to steam away (3 in Island Park because of the crazy snow loads); and you can tell us to stop at any time.  Steaming all of the eaves or removing all of the snow on your home would likely take all day (or longer) so we typically only target large or leaking ice dams.

Do you need Water or Electricity to Make the Steamer Work?

We need access to water and electricity on site to make this work.  Please confirm that both are available (and not winterized) before dispatching us to your site.  Once we've left, you'll need to make sure any water systems are winter-safe to your liking.

What payment methods do you accept?

We love checks, cash, apple pay, or venmo, but can also arrange to accept credit cards.

How can I contact you?

Texting is the best method; it allows us to respond as soon as we're off a roof an in cell phone service.  208-563-7600. Make sure to send your name, address, and at least one photo of any ice dam.  If you are experiencing interior leaks already, mention that, too.

Next Step?  Send Us Photos and Your Address


We have to deal with ice dams every year; this year they caused a massive leak and we were beyond excited when Ice Man was able to show up the next day to steam away the ice.

— Mike P. in Island Park